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Bilt Realty Group is a private real estate investment and management firm that has purchased commercial real estate across 20 states.


Founded by Brandon Hakimi in 2017, the firm is constantly seeking to acquire commercial properties on behalf of its partners and its own account.  

Our firm has generated attractive returns through our expertise in evaluating, structuring and actively managing real estate investments. We invest alongside our partners in each property, reflecting our careful due diligence, alignment of interests and personal commitment to the success of our investments.

Our competitive advantage results from the knowledge gained and the robust relationships forged over years of working side by side with one of the most active commercial real estate firms in the United States.

  • We aim to close all or deals within 30 days or less

  • We have no management committee or lending institutions to consult with to delay any decision making

  • We Pay Top Commissions/Finders Fees (all brokers protected)

  • Can close within days with no contingencies


Our team critically evaluates dozens of real estate investment opportunities every day to find the opportunities that best fit our acquisition criteria. 


To create alignment, we co-invest on every investment, and are involved in every transaction from inception to disposition.


The Property Management Team is responsible for working closely with the tenants who work within
our properties. 


The Property Management team utilizes the latest technology to increase operating efficiencies, maximizing revenue streams and monitoring property performances. 


Property Management also assists in acquisition activities with due diligence support.

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